Dwight Howard is 6″11 and weighs 265 lbs, but he was not generally this strong. Since he arrived into the NBA he has hit the weights really hard and gotten considerably more robust. In fact, because his rookie year he has amplified his bench push from 185 to 360. That is just about double!! So what is Dwight Howard’s exercise routine? Let’s uncover out…

Dwight Howard has to give a whole lot of credit to his own trainer, Joe Rogowski. Joe has given Dwight a workout regimen that has served him obtain muscle tissues mass and explosive energy. Joe Rogowski does an fantastic career at mixing up Dwight’s training schedule. One working day he will raise extremely heavy bodyweight to acquire toughness and energy, the following he focuses on plyometrics routines for pace and agility. Underneath are a handful of of the vital routines that Joe has Dwight Howard complete…

Bench Push – Dwight mixes this up utilizing the straight bar and dumbbells. Rogowski likes to have Dwight complete the pyramid regime. The pyramid he uses is 10-8-6-4-2.

Leg Push – Joe prefers to have Dwight use the leg press device around absolutely free fat squats. Dwight has again hyperextension and Joe won’t want to place Dwight’s back again at hazard. The leg push equipment is a risk-free training and it permits Dwight to go with very hefty bodyweight.

The Best Press Up – 1 of Dwight’s preferred exercise routines is the thrust up. He performs lots of of his press up routines at his house. In reality, he integrates his press ups into video activity classes. For illustration, when he’s participating in a boxing match (his beloved), Dwight does a set each time he knocks somebody out. Position-taking part in activity? Each time he dies, he pumps out as quite a few drive-ups as achievable.

Dwight Howard has an amazing 39″ vertical leap. Joe Rogowski incorporates plyometric routines and speed drills into Dwight’s work out schedule as properly. This keeps him flying over the rim so he can proceed to throw down these amazing SUPERMAN DUNKS! A number of of his preferred workout routines to raise his vertical leap contain box jumps, sprints and the jump rope.

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