Sandstorm Trek is a pair of one of a kind Scarabshell Boots. It has a handful of great mods, but can be a minor underwhelming for Diablo 2 players, other than for potentially Assassins who use Martial Arts and kicks to offer with their foes.

(Ongoing from Component A)

+10-15 To Vitality (may differ)

This act as a small raise to your character’s strike details, with the gain assisting melee figures additional, considering the fact that they get extra hit details for every point in Vitality. However, extra strike details is good for any class, any construct.

50% Slower Endurance Drain

A good concept, but as per higher than, at Amount 64, you really should truly not be getting any challenges with Endurance.

Poison Resist +40-70% (varies)

The raise to Poison Resistance varies noticeably, but if you happen to be fortuitous plenty of to decide up a pair of perfect Sandstorm Treks, it would give you 70% Poison Resistance, which would be a very respectable volume.

Repairs 1 Sturdiness Every single 20 Seconds

The only a person who would locate this mod helpful are the aforementioned Assassins who use Martial Arts and Kicks to dispatch of their foes. Considering the fact that ethereal weapons have a significant improve to their stats, an Ethereal Sandstorm Trek would grant a better Kick Destruction for Kicker Assassins. Normally, there is no way to repair an Ethereal product, so its Toughness will deteriorate as you use the merchandise additional and a lot more, right until the one particular issue wherever it drops to zero, and you have to throw the merchandise absent mainly because it is now ineffective. With this mod, an Assassin can equip an Ethereal Sandstorm Trek for improved kick injury, and still be capable to mend it by means of this self-repair mod.


Most players find Sandstorm Trek underwhelming. Even though it give a fantastic increase to Poison Resistance, Poison is really one particular of the less strong problems sources in the game, and there are other a great deal far better boots in the match. The only participant that could conceivably assume of Sandstorm Trek as a feasible selection for boots are Martial Arts Assassin, owing to Sandstorm’s higher kicking damage ranges.