Approximately 300 million kilos of glyphosate are utilised on U.S. crops every yr. Glyphosate is marketed as RoundUp.

This bears repeating. The food stuff grown in our country – that we consume – receives 300 million pounds of a fatal weed killer just about every yr. This equates to about a pound of plant killer for each just one of us in the United States every single and each and every year.

Upcoming time you are at a hardware store or backyard garden middle, glimpse at the gallon jug of RoundUp. Now consider that you have eaten that sum of the harmful weed killer all over the last 12 months…

A weed killer is developed to wipe out. Extinguish everyday living. So, receiving a pound of glyphosate for each human being each individual 12 months signifies that we are having poison. You would not aspiration of chugging a gallon of RoundUp so why would you want to eat it by way of your foods?

Putting a weed killer on plant crops doesn’t make feeling. Wouldn’t a weed killer kill the crops? How can this be?

That is the added ridiculous, straight out of science fiction reality of this circumstance. Glyphosate has in fact been inserted into the DNA of crops. Sure, that is correct. Scientists have figured out how to alter chromosomes of corn, soy, and numerous other crops by having out the organic chromosomes and changing them with chromosomes of a weed killer.

The practice of placing RoundUp DNA inside the DNA of crops meant for us to take in is recognised as Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs. Most industrialized nations outlaw GMOs. But not the United States.

And why on earth, would any one want a weed killer in the DNA of meals crops? Cue up the creepy background music due to the fact this is genuinely out of a horror film…

Let us use corn given that corn is a Huge crop in the United States. If a crop of corn is GMO and has glyphosate in the DNA, then all other weeds that expand within the crop can be sprayed with RoundUp – and not have an effect on the corn. That is the supply of the 300 million pounds of glyphosate each 12 months.

Once the glyphosate is sprayed on the corn, it leaches into the soil. It is then taken up as a result of the roots of the plant and results in being even a lot more concentrated inside of the corn kernels that we try to eat. And not just corn on the cob – it is in all corn chips, tortillas, cereals and just about every thing that is sweet since much is flavored with significant fructose corn syrup. Are you starting to see how you are consuming that jug of weed killer each individual 12 months?

Selections are to grow your possess foodstuff, only obtain organic, and to speak up generally and loudly so that the food stuff field stops this madness.