Nutritional snack bars are a popular customer products – conference the growing have to have for on-the-go healthy snacks. For brands, improved nutritional elements these types of as no included sugars and superior fruit and fibre material are increasing the appeal and range of snack bars in the market area. Nonetheless formulators deal with troubles with difficult to supply fruits, and with fruit formats that impose constraints. Ordinarily, the prerequisite for high top quality fruit filling ingredients won’t be able to be matched with bake stability and lower drinking water action and manufacturers have experienced to resort to imitation and / or synthetic solutions.

Luckily these days, the URC array of pieces and pastes supply cereal bar makers with a functional and strong way to include authentic fruit to their merchandise in a great range of fruit and flavour blends. The distinctive formulation and structure can present a whole portion of fruit for every serving, as very well as conference the demands of manufacturing operation of bake security and low h2o activity.

Bake secure fruit bar fillings have greater integrity beneath warmth and won’t boil out of the finish of the bar all through baking consequently stopping burning or caramelizing difficulties. Water action degrees of under .65 guarantee minimal humidity transfer occurs to avert spoilage and extends shelf stability. URC fruit bar filling pastes are a practical alternative when excellent fruit flavours and fruit content claims are critical.

Fruit bar fillings are produced by means of a proprietary Ultra Rapid Focus procedure which lowers raw fruit resources to much less than 10% moisture in beneath 60 seconds. This usually means the fruit ingredients expertise nominal residence time and the immediate cooling system preserves that fruit taste, colour and goodness of fruit – the natural way. Unlike freezer, barrel or sun-dried fruits, the texture continues to be smooth and scrumptious – with out the use of synthetic additives or preservatives. Uncomplicated to use and obtainable in pumpable drums Extremely Immediate Focus is generating a new way to consist of genuine fruit bar fillings in snack and baked bars.

URC fruit bar fillings can be made use of as a delicate fruity centre in a baked bar, as a sheeting paste to generate a seen fruit layer, or as mixing paste in formed bars to lower included sugar articles and give cleaner component listings.

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