Arowana fish like all other species of fish or animals want a well balanced diet regime. So here I will try out and outline the accurate varieties of meals to feed any breed of arowana. It does not subject if your arowana is silver, eco-friendly or red, but it matters that it will get the whole vary of meals varieties as no a single food source will have all the required vitamins.

I would like to level out a single factor just before I go as a result of the foodstuff sorts, and that is to be really mindful when feeding your arowana live foodstuff. I see concerns currently being questioned all the time about diverse bugs and bugs men and women have caught in there garden and asking if they can feed them to there arowana. I would not feed any kind of meals caught outdoors or in the wild to my arowana. The biggest induce of condition amid aquarium arowanas is from are living bait so only get it from a responsible supplier and not your garden.

Foods Descriptions:

This is a pretty very good and healthy foodstuff for your arowana fish and has minimal or no hazard of sickness transmission. Just make positive that the crickets you are feeding your fish are the appropriate measurement for him to eat. The different sizes of cricket can be observed in any good fish or pet retail store.

This is also a pretty healthy food stuff for your arowana but normally are much easier to find frozen than dwell in the shops. In Asia they are made use of to enable bring out the color of the fish.

Stay Fish
Any fish that is not toxic and can fit in an arowanas mouth can be employed as food items. Just be thorough and make absolutely sure that you are having the stay fish from a reputable supply. Most usually feeder gold, meadow, newborn koi, little one catfish and smaller chidlid are utilized as bait.

This a yet another incredibly nutritious food items for an arowana but it can be pricey. You can use it from time to time just to mix up the diet regime a little bit.

Again another healthy food for you arowana fish. If your fish will accept lifeless mealworm then it is recommeneded that you drown the mealworm initial. Also if you removed the head of the mealworm just before feeding it can support the arowana to digest them improved.

This is a pretty healthful foods for any arowana and has a negligible possibility of sickness transmission. It is much better first to feed the earthworms with healthy food items very first to help very clear the soil from inside of it.

There is a great deal of trustworthy brands of arowana pellet food on the market place and all have varying levels to dietary price. Decide on one particular that you like and use it along with other food items resources.

A extremely balanced and healthy meals supply for an arowana which is most commonly applied in Asia. Frogs are imagined to assistance provide out the color in the arowana. Just make sure that the frog is not poisonous and once again only buy from a dependable resource.

Right here I hope I have covered most of the diverse meals forms that you can feed your arowana fish. Some arowanas could prefer just one foods type in excess of an additional but you can mix and match their diet program to differ it for them.

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