“Having in foods that acquire absent a lot more power than they provide will reduced Your bodies potential to deal with the organic processes of Digestion, assimilation and elimination.”

Our bodies function on a delicate electromagnetic present-day. Nerve signals are in actuality electrical fees-your mind, heart, and all organs emit and generate a Discipline of electrical existing.

Your body’s cells communicate with each and every other with pulses of Energy. When we consume food stuff our body breaks down the food items particles into there Smallest sizing (COLLOIDS). A colloid is the smallest doable kind of nutrient particle (normally – The measurement ranges from .01 to .00001 of a micron in diameter).

Then these nutrient particles are then carried to our cells via an Electrical cost. When you are selecting some thing to take in for higher Strength, keep in mind foods like quick foods, processed foodstuff have low power Frequencies, we are not supplying the body with the electrical strength it Demands. By carrying out this we are necessitating our system to exhaust electrical nerve Electricity To run the digestive process to split down the foods in your human body.

This Essentially signifies that the food that we are taking in truly is taking more Vitality than it is giving.

(The strength and food items we eat is measured In Megahertz, MHz)

Megahertz is a specialized name for the electrical frequency charge Close to Food stuff. The meals we consume need to be living and energetically – alive food items that Have the good vitamins to our cells and our system. If not we will develop into weary and unwell.

Your probably inquiring by yourself what percentage of electrical power (MHz) do I have to have in my meals to turn into and keep balanced.

The megahertz demand vary from to 250 furthermore of MHz. Right here are some Illustrations of the foods that we try to eat and the strength they deliver.

Canned food items are the worst with MHz, chocolate cake 1-3 MHz, Kentucky Fried chicken-3, Large Mac-5, vitamin/mineral supp 10 to 30, raw almonds 40 To 50, fruits-60 to 70,green greens 70 to 90. So if you want your body to be whole of vibrancy and large electromagnetic Energy, (which will end result in your overall body being in a position to appropriately Operate, not to mention assisting our bodies growing old procedure as very well) which foodstuff will you try out to eat?

Try to eat live and drinking water enriched food items instead of processed foods. If anyone is intrigued in finding out a lot more about your bodies possess Electromagnetic strength there is a superior ebook called “Sick And Exhausted”, The Author’s Identify is Dr. Robert Younger. I met him in Hawaii When I was at a Tony Robbins seminar.

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