Ballorieh is a Center Eastern dessert designed from dough and pistachio filling. It is made from a specific stringy dough identified as Knafeh dough.

In typical, Ballorieh is designed from pistachios, flour, butter ghee, sugar, starch, and milk powder. These are the total substances in it. Nonetheless, on the lookout in much more facts at its ingredients, just one finds that it consists of 3 important products: The dough, the filling, and the sugar syrup.


Ballorieh is built from Knafeh dough. Like most other sorts of dough, this dough is manufactured from flour and h2o. It is nevertheless a very particular kind of dough in that it is produced into long strings that can be molded to choose any ideal shape. Several assorted Baklava varieties, like Borma and Osh El Bulbul are manufactured from this stringy Knafeh dough.

In some other Middle Eastern sweets, the stringy Knafeh dough is grounded and made into a thick layer of dough. This is the case in the Center Japanese sweets Basma and cheese filled Knafeh.

Even even though it is simply just designed from flour and drinking water, Knafeh dough is not as easy to prepare as phyllo dough, which is the primary dough in a lot of forms of assorted Baklava and Center Japanese sweets. Knafeh dough is initial built into a really watery mix which is then designed into lengthy strings using exclusive devices.


The filling is created from raw pistachios and sugar. The total of sugar employed can be altered in buy to change the sweetness of the closing dessert. In standard, Center Eastern sweets fillings are created from a lot of kinds of nuts such as pine nuts, cashews, and walnuts in addition to pistachios, but Ballorieh is a person of the pieces that are solely manufactured with a pistachios filling.

Sugar Syrup

Sugar syrup is the very last issue that is additional to most Lebanese sweets just after they are baked, and it is the primary source of their sweetness as very well as its calories. Regulating the amount of sugar syrup added to it is the most vital element in restricting it amount of money of calories. Soaking it in sugar syrup is not encouraged as it will increase its sweetness earlier mentioned the cozy level for most individuals and will increase its amount of energy as very well. It is ideal to use reasonable quantity of sugar syrup. That is also legitimate for most Middle Japanese sweets and pastries.

Like all desserts, Ballorieh can incorporate a far more than ordinary volume of calories, but it as nicely incorporates nutritious substances. Its healthiest substances are the pistachios. Pistachios are healthier nuts that supply high wholesome value to this sweet dessert. Getting incredibly rich in pistachios, it is one of the assorted Baklava types that contain the healthiest ingredients.

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