Quite a few sporting activities have been impacted by the use of efficiency enhancing drugs, steroids, HGH and blood doping.

Baseball has had several scandals in excess of the previous ten a long time. Some of the game’s major players have been associated in these scandals which are driven by athletes breaking the principles in get to gain that edge that many athletes crave.

Biking, soccer, boxing, tennis, monitor and field, swimming and other Olympic athletics have also experienced their share of troubles with athletes, coaches, proprietors, unions, trainers teams and managers who are cheating by making use of banned or illegal substances or failing to ‘”perform by the policies” relating to banned substances.

There is also some proof to advise that young athletes at the superior university level are employing these substances and harmful resources to complete much better and to improve the chance of earning college scholarships and entrance into experienced sports.

The money rewards and the pressure to complete are both quite significant for elite athletes. And it is uncomplicated to comprehend why athletes can be drawn to prescription drugs and to blood doping in the hope of carrying out their ideal.

It is also straightforward to comprehend how and why league officers, trainers, owners and unions have been less than responsive to this dilemma in the earlier. Like the gamers, they, as well, revenue from excellent performances which draw fans into the arenas and into the stadiums. Residence operates, documents and incredible athletic feats deliver enormous pounds for their sector.

On the other hand, there now would seem to be a climate among the players and the powers that be in sports in which there seems to be a more honest want to finish these drug centered forms of dishonest.

Because several sporting activities have been affected by these varieties of scandals, I feel they all can reward from a straightforward policy that can be utilized to all sporting situations.

In my thoughts, there is a uncomplicated resolution which should to be utilized to each individual activity. Possessing a uniform policy will assist to make athletes and those people people who surround athletes extra aware of the policies and consequently more accountable for their steps.

The plan is as follows:

First, athletes, coaches and trainers want to be educated about the hazards connected with these substances.

Next, the penalties need to be uncomplicated, important and incredibly crystal clear.

That is, the to start with offense carries a a single year ban. The next offense carries a three calendar year ban. And the third offense carries a lifetime ban from the activity.

A basic, apparent, common policy like this when utilized to all athletics could be a step in the right way toward solving the steroid and banned substances troubles.

This kind of plan appears realistic, clear and good. Implementing it to all sports activities at each individual amount can enable to shift sporting activities to staying drug free and dishonest free.

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