Let me inquire you a uncomplicated query. Do you know any one who has at any time experienced a heart assault? You promptly said, “Yes,” failed to you? Now, look at this, if this was 1908 alternatively of 2008, you would have mentioned, “No,” just as swiftly. This report is the initially in a sequence of content articles that will reveal why coronary heart illness only appeared immediately after 1900 and how you can safeguard you and your spouse and children from this present day day plague.

In advance of 1900, heart assaults were being totally unidentified! Think about that.

The 1st healthcare description of a coronary heart assault, “coronary thrombosis”, was manufactured in 1912.

This information surprises people. We just presume that heart attacks and strokes have usually been major killers. But, they have not been. This plague commenced just about 100 yrs in the past and is now common to all peoples dwelling in made nations.

What adjusted? The clinical local community blames the improve of cholesterol in our diets. But, is cholesterol the lead to? If it is, then why did not Eskimos develop atherosclerosis? They eaten big amounts of fats, saturated extra fat, from whale blubber, nevertheless they hardly ever experienced heart assaults or strokes!

In 1969, Dr. Joseph M. Value made the scenario for chlorine as the perpetrator in a tiny e-book referred to as Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine. (A Jove Reserve.)

He reasoned, “…1 is obligated to take into account the possibility of the existence of international substances or the presence in abnormally large portions of usually harmless substances in the body as a result in of disorder (“poisoning”).”

If something is poisoning us, it should enter our techniques via the pores and skin, by breathing or be a little something we eat or consume. As diet programs grew to become “richer”, cholesterol certainly fell into that group and was suspect as getting a contributor. Nonetheless, boasting cholesterol is the cause clashes with the truth that the Eskimos’ enormous saturated extra fat eating plan led to no atherosclerosis.

Dr. Price tag theorized the culprit could possibly be chlorine. Chlorine (bleach) was additional to the h2o supplies in the early 1900s, just ahead of the coronary heart disorder epidemic started, in order to get rid of water-borne disorders this sort of as cholera and typhoid fever. Chlorine is a poison and it was remaining distributed to everybody in the metropolitan areas by means of the general public drinking water units.

To test his principle, Dr. Rate set up a managed experiment applying 100 working day-aged roosters as topics. The 100 roosters have been divided into two teams of 50 every. Every team was fed foods of cooked mash mixture of a person-fifty percent corn and a single-50 % oat with about 5 % very low-priced oleomargarine included.

Pure distilled h2o was made use of exclusively, nevertheless, 1-third a teaspoonful of chlorine per quart of drinking water was offered to the experimental team starting up at twelve weeks of age.

In his ebook, Dr. Price suggests, “The effects have been nothing quick of spectacular!” In just a few months, “the experimental group became lethargic, huddling in corners except at feeding time. Their feathers turned frayed and dirty…their pale combs drooping. In the meantime the control team was the epitome of vigorous health.”

After four months, roosters in the experimental team started to die. Ninety five percent of these roosters were being discovered to have grossly obvious thick yellow plaques of atherosclerosis protruding into the lining of their stomach aortas (the region exactly where chickens establish atherosclerosis).

These chickens also had an very substantial spontaneous dying price and, on evaluation, were located to have enlarged hearts and experienced hemorrhaged into their lungs. At seven months, the couple of remaining experimental chickens ended up sacrificed, with the same findings. 1-third of the seemingly wholesome regulate group was sacrificed at the identical time and not one particular abnormal aorta was observed! The remainder of the regulate team was split into two groups and the experiment was recurring. After three months the experiment was ended with exactly the same outcomes as in advance of.

In both of those trials, the chickens getting the chlorine grew to become diseased and all those not acquiring the chlorine remained balanced and vigorous. Dr. Cost proved the chlorine in our tap drinking water is the cause of atherosclerosis. How chlorine improvements its variety to result in our veins and arteries to clog will have to hold out for another short article.

Why has this forty-yr-aged analysis been ignored? Why do we nevertheless imagine cholesterol is the trigger of coronary heart disorder? Potentially, this nameless estimate is the most effective remedy: “Effectively-arranged ignorance generally passes, however, for wisdom.”

The chlorine poison in ingesting h2o can very easily be removed with a h2o filter. Shield on your own and your household from the misery of coronary heart ailment by getting rid of this poison and consuming superior, secure h2o.

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