Verdungo’s Hearty Wire is a special Mithril Coil Belt, and is a well known belt choice between Diablo 2 players for its Bodily Harm Resistance and enormous bonus to Vitality (and thus Lifetime).

The Stats:

Defense: 125-158

Minimal Energy: 106

Degree Necessity: 63

+90-140% Enhanced Defense (varies)

10% A lot quicker Strike Recovery

+30-40 to Vitality (varies)

Replenish Life +10-13 (varies)

+100-120 to Greatest Stamina (differs)

Injury Reduced by 10-15% (varies)

Minimal Power: 106

Ideal off the bat 1 can see that Verdungo’s Hearty Cord has a substantial Energy necessity. Plan in advance when utilizing Verdungo’s, and see regardless of whether you can get adequate Energy bonuses from items and charms to get to a Energy of 106.

10% A lot quicker Hit Restoration

10% Faster Strike Restoration isn’t considerably, but it is really awesome to have it anyway. More rapidly Strike Restoration will help your character get better from getting hit by their enemies the extra you have, the speedier you can get better from blows and dish out your very own problems.

+30-40 to Vitality (may differ)

Verdungo’s Hearty Wire provides the most significant Everyday living bonus amid all belts, some thing that would make it quite useful to all figures, irrespective of class or create. A excellent Verdungo’s will grant your character 40 bonus Vitality details, offering your character 160 strike factors if he is a Barbarian, 120 points if they are 1 of the other melee figures or 80 details if a caster. For any character, that is a huge get in strike details!

Replenish Lifestyle +10-13 (may differ)

Not only does Verdungo’s provide a big Vitality reward, but it also provides Replenish Lifestyle…not only do you get far more hit details, but you now get well hit factors speedier as well.

+100-120 to Highest Stamina (may differ)

This is a large raise to Endurance, but no participant actually seems to be at this due to the fact by Stage 63, a superior participant would not be owning any Stamina difficulties.

Injury Minimized by 10-15% (may differ)

Verdungo’s Hearty Cord is one particular of the handful of products in the activity that presents a % Bodily harm resistance. The other people are Shaftstop, String of Ears, Vampire’s Gaze, Harlequin Crest and Stormshield.

Lots of gamers attempt to set on at least one particular item that has % Actual physical harm resistance, for the really fantastic cause that it decreases the problems been given from productive bodily assaults, and consequently, with more than enough % Bodily Damage Resistance things, you can make your character really resistant to Actual physical harm.


Verdungo’s Hearty Twine is a extremely, incredibly useful belt. It is normally compared to String of Ears, which is an additional unique belt that presents the same vary of Bodily Destruction Resistance (10-15%). String of Ears is a much more eye-catching solution for figures who will not desire to commit so a lot of attribute details in Strength, as it involves only a Power of 20 to put on, even though Verdungo’s involve a massive 106. On the other hand, if they meet the Power prerequisite, most figures would choose Verdungo’s for the reason that even while String of Ears has Lifestyle Leech, but Verdungo’s large reward to Daily life is tough to resist.

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